Scuba Experiences and Scuba Try Dives for Beginners

We have options for both our pool nights and at Liverpool Docks

PADI Discover Scuba -Pool -2 Hours

19.00-21.00 - £65pp

Min Age 10 years

This includes the first hour as above, but for the second hour you will take a couple of 'dives' to the deeper part of the pool which goes down to 3.1m deep to get what its like to feel completely weightless underwater, working on some body positioning underwater and getting to know your kit a little better.

Pool Scuba Dive

20.00-21.00 - £30pp

Min age 10 years

Already completed the PADI Discover Scuba and want to get in the pool again for some simulated 'dives' into the deep end of the pool and practice the skills you learnt?

Then jump on to our pool dive 20.00-21.00 where you will be under instruction of one of our dive instructors 

PADI Discover Scuba - The Docks - 1.5 Hours

Flexible days and times - £89pp

Min Age 10

Similar to the 1 hour pool session only you get a bit more time going through the extra kit on land and a mini tour around underneath the surface of the docks with one of our PADI Instructors and going to see what cool marine life you can find under there

PADI Discover Scuba - The Docks - 2.5 Hours

Flexible days and times - £115pp 

Min Age 10

You will do the 1.5 hour session as above but for the last hour you will put your skills into practice, learn extra skills and get a much longer tour under the surface of the docks checking out all the cool life it has to offer!

Kids Club - Try Scuba Dive - Pool

19.00 - 21.00 £50pp

Min Age 8 years

Join in with our kids club, where we take part in a load of fun missions under the water!

You will start with a try dive where the kids get to try out scuba for the very first time with one of our instructors!

If they enjoy it they can then join on to our kids club which is every Wednesday 19.00-21.00 with various missions from underwater sports days, outer space missions, treasure hunting and loads more!

Block bookings of 3 sessions £120